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Dear ILCS Students,


Participate in the video competition "One day volunteering with ILCS" and earn an outstanding gift!

Because social work is a vital asset of the ILCS story…

ILCS invites you to film yourself in a video of 2 min maximum, where you expose your creativity and share with the ILCS family your volunteeringday and experience during your internship.

The theme is easy. Creatively describe your day, the NGO and its activity, your mission and demonstrate what positives changes you are making in your local community.

"One day of volunteering with ILCS", is an original and spontaneous video!  You can express also the impact of the experience on you.
At  3 2 1 and Action ... mention, your first name and your education level !

Some small details are required...


  • Do not exceed 2 min
  • Put the ILCS LOGO at the end of the video
  • Ensure a image quality and sound
  • the video must be in English


All the videos will be posted on the official Facebook page "ILCS Group” the 5/02/2018 and will be voted on by the general public.
The video of the student with most of likes will make him/her earn an outstanding gift.

The deadline to send the video to is: 03/02/ 2018.
Results will be posted on Friday 09/02/2018.
So, do not wait, your smartphones, ready, film ...;)