Admission Requirements

You have finally got your baccalaureate degree and want to access to high quality training?  Join the ILCS family!

To enjoy the ILCS training BAC + 3, here are the steps to follow:

Admission file

Complete your file containing the following documents:

  • Pre-registration form duly completed
  • 3 recent photos
  • Photocopy of the national card or passport for foreigners
  • Original certificate of your Baccalaureate degree + 2 legalized copies
  • Transcripts of the last three years
  • Authentication certificate for foreign degrees

File review fees in the amount of 1000 Dhs.

This application has to be completed and submitted to the ILCS administration before the deadline of   communicated to you.


The ILCS admission test is open to all Baccalaureate students  and all types of BAC are accepted (Sces Maths, Physics, ES, SVT, etc.).
In order to join ILCS, candidates are invited to take the admission test, which is composed of written and oral tests. Following the written exam, an oral interview will be the last test to assess your level in languages and your ambitions as a future student.

It is an interview with an internal jury where the evaluation focuses on:

  • Speaking in both languages: French and English
  • Common knowledge
  • The managerial culture
  • The general profile