Career opportunities


After finishing their studies, each of our alumni has come a long way … Many have been recruited by national or multinational companies where they hold positions of responsibility, others have chosen to continue their studies to obtain further degrees of Master and Doctorate, in addition, some have chosen to apply their skills acquired at the Institute by going towards entrepreneurship and business set-ups.
The ILCS alumni hold positions of responsibility in various fields including: sales management, advertising and media planning, marketing strategy and advice, human resources management, project management, production management, Web marketing

At the end of their study career, the alumni have an extremely high rate of integration into the labor market at about six months after graduation (96% for the class of 2013, 94% for the class of 2014, 93.50% for the class of 2015, 85% for the class of 2016 and 94% for the class of 2017).

is the rate of integration into the labor market of our alumni during the last five years.

This is due to their versatile portfolio, and the quality training they have received in order to become competent and competitive citizens.  ILCS is constantly looking into the market in order to continuously adapt its programs to new professional expectations.