Career opportunities

Embark on a career journey with ILCS degrees, shaping futures in diverse public and private sectors. Unlock your potential with ILCS degrees and build a rewarding career across various public and private industries. Join us on the path to success!


ILCS alumni excel across diverse sectors, spanning both public and private organizations. Many have also made their mark on the international stage. Among them are notable positions at the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Communication, Ministry of Justice, Amazon, Ericsson, HACA, and CMC. Explore the vast array of professional pathways our graduates have embraced.

Over the past five years, our alumni have achieved an impressive 92% integration rate into the labor market. Join our successful community and pave your path to professional success with ILCS.

This success is attributed to their versatile skillset and the high-quality training they receive, enabling them to become competent professionals. ILCS remains dedicated to staying abreast of market trends, ensuring our programs evolve to meet ever-changing professional demands.