Charity Week

Join ILCS for our charity week, where we unite for a noble cause, making a positive impact on communities in need. Get involved and spread kindness and emphasize education!

Promote education
ILCS charity actions in Tikhfist village


ILCS is above all an institute with young men and women who have values that unite them, a philosophy of sharing that makes it possible, thanks to the will and the work of all, to make themselves useful, and to bring hope to the needy.

ILCS promises a week rich in varying emotions, from one year to the next. These activities will provide you with an incomparable sense of accomplishment! Collecting clothing, renovation of associations, workshops for children … A week devoted to help one other and your society…. Every year, the whole ILCS family is proud to help an association.

Let’s move on to action! We are builders, each individual in their own way, but we are all tied into one common project!

This operation aims to encourage our students and especially to involve them in sustainable development towards a better Morocco for all by engaging in associative work and volunteering.

We like challenges, our convictions push us to meet them, your help allows us to achieve them …