Leadership, Coding & Data Science

At ILCS, we are aware of the constant evolution of the world and the contribution of artificial intelligence and digital technology in all industries.

Objective of the Coding and Data Science training

The main technical skills covered during this training provide our students with the best foundations for structuring their brains and thinking, which today constitutes great added value.

“Learning by doing” is our motto! We aim to teach our students, throughout their courses, the necessary professional skills, but also to develop their leadership and their ability to engage in innovative scientific experiments and explore the new intelligent world.

The curriculum of Coding & Data science training

This Bachelor (Bac+3) training program with a dual degree, trains students in technical skills related to coding and data science as well as in soft skills and/or power skills allowing our students to acquire, not only, essential knowledge to the web programming professions, but also leadership such as organization, precision, rigor,…

Main Coding & Data science training modules

  • Mathematics
  • Informatics
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Java programming
  • SQL
  • Computer architecture
  • Python programming language
  • Data analysis & visualisation
  • Javascript
  • Project management
  • Content management system
  • C++
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Database modeling
  • Desktop publishing & coding editing
  • Programming language: rust & html
  • Apps creation & creation innovation
  • Advanced python & SQL
  • Applied computer processing & applied data visualization
  • Algorithms & linear algebra
  • Principles of information security
  • Digital marketing
  • Language and leadership
  • Law civics and citizenship
  • Personal development

The specialist Coding and Data Science jobs

Junior Full Stack Developer
Web and mobile developer
Web designer
Junior Scrum Master
Data scientists
Data analytics consulting



To join ILCS is to benefit from

  • An open vision of the professions of the future;
  • An innovative educational approach “learning by doing”;
  • A para-university activity program centered on the development of competent citizens;
  • A teaching team of university professors and experienced professionals;
  • Constantly listening to the needs of the job market…