Digital Communication & Marketing

Unlock the power of digital marketing and communication at ILCS. Gain expertise in cutting-edge strategies to elevate brands and engage audiences effectively

Professionals in Marketing and Communication are so needed either in making a good service or make it known, promoting or managing an event or in analyzing the market in which the company operates. That is why ILCS aims at preparing future professionals to face and deal with different challenges.

Objectives of Digital Marketing and Communication Degree

The objective of this training is to deliver a solid knowledge in theory and practice that will train leaders to manage the Marketing and Communication process in any institution.

The Curriculum of Digital Marketing and Communication

This training (bac­­+3 and bac+5) allows students to acquire a global knowledge of Communication in all its levels media and non-media based. It also aims at developing the needed online and offline Marketing technics to deal with the competition and the market requirements.
Through the learning of languages, and specific methods, students are exposed to many problems that deal with communication by using a multifaceted and concrete approach.

Main Digital Communication and Marketing training modules

  • E-Marketing
  • E Corporates Communication
  • Mass theory communication
  • Public speaking
  • Media and Marketing
  • International Relationships
  • Strategy Management
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Digital Brands Communication
  • Media and Marketing
  • Marketing and Communication new approaches
  • Persuasion and argumentation in the era of social media
  • Projects management
  • Management
  • Consumer behavior
  • Public Relations

Digital Marketing and Communication Jobs

Communication Manager: elaborates the communication strategy and coordinates the action plans related to that strategy by respecting the strategic objectives of the company.

Product Manager: elaborates the development strategy with a budget and specific sale objectives. he analyses the needs of the market and new trends.

Web Project Manager: He pilots different internal and external contributors (graphic designers, web designers, web developer) to create a website and optimize its online visibility. He is in charge of the website and community management.

Brand Manager : He pilots a whole brand of products and builds its image on the long term. He makes sure that those different products have the same value as the brand identity.

Customer Relationship Manager: more than a simple salesman, the customer relationship manager plays a strategic role. As the spokesperson and advisor of the announcer, he stands as a real manager nearby different teams of the agency.

To join ILCS is to benefit from

  • A “pedagogy in action” in communication and marketing, focused on individual development, teamwork and integration of new technologies.
  • Speakers and professors at the heart of communication and marketing
  • Associations and clubs to put into practice theoretical achievements
  • Tools and techniques of communication in different professional contexts

Follow Kenza BAGHDADLI

ILCS allowed me to acquire a very rich learning thanks to the diversity and the quality of its courses. Today, ILCS has a justified reputation and prestige in the job market thanks to its quality training, its experienced faculty and its graduates who honor their school in various fields in Morocco and abroad. Thanks to my school, I have been able to hold various positions in communication and have successfully carrying  out all the missions entrusted to me while keeping in the mean time my ambition to create my company one day. To everyone I say that being an ILCS student is really a pride  because where we go, we feel different and strong with our knowledge and skills.

Communication Manager @ The Moroccan soccer Federation