Covid-19: Supportive measures for ILCS local and international students

Institute for Leadership and Communication Studies is in quarantine.

All its staff teachers and students migrated to virtual communication. ILCS is very committed to limiting the spread of the virus according to the official measures that ILCS welcomes.

In order to ensure the continuity of the students teaching activities, ILCS continues to use the working platforms it has initiated since 2016.Continuation of the training is ensured.

Measures taken by ILCS:
· Online classes are provided remotely through google classroom and Google Meet platforms and according to the scheduled timetables, students are required to log in to the virtual classroom on time and they have to follow each session with respect to their schedules.
· A support unit has been established to provide counselling, psychological assistance, support to students, coaches /teachers and ILCS staff via whats up groups and phone calls.
· Teleworking for ILCS staff.

All the mentioned measures are applied throughout the containment period.

Stay at home and let us all be united to fight this pandemic!

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