A life project begins early in life. It is usually a project that has already begun in the presence of parents, school, friends and society. By joining ILCS, the entire faculty and administrative support you in its continuity, helps you to have the skills and, above all, the means to succeed.

ILCS family is present by your side to stand by you to help you develop a viable, realistic life project that combines guidance and passion!

The purpose of the workshops we offer to our students is “Immersion in the self”

to reflect on their professional dimensions, to learn more about their
personalities, to reflect on their career wishes, expectation, to identify opportunities of development and to discover their talents.

But also:

  • To know one another, to know one’s personality to identify one’s strengths and margins of evolution, to know one’s self
  • Formalize the key points of one’s experience to be strong of  one’s achievements, know how to talk about it.
  • Identify the possible, probable, chosen projects to assess them and then implement them via a structured action plan.

By confronting them with their own fears and limiting beliefs, students become aware of the demands of life and learn to generate new resources and new behaviors.

Self-development is the best preparation for the job market.


To meet the emerging challenges of society and student expectations, ILCS has undertaken a process to engage and mobilize the entire ILCS community in the quest and transmission of knowledge and to build a living, study, research and work up to his aspirations. With sensitivity, with regard to the diversity of people, knowledge and ways of thinking, ILCS pursues its mission and has established its bases on fundamental values ​​that it continues to advocate, while ensuring that they continue to be intimately linked to the evolution of society. Values are the motives of ILCS.


Studying at ILCS means studying in a family environment where the development of the student is the focus center of our of attention. With many clubs and agencies, you will find an atmosphere where you can live, work and flourish!


Every year for 1 month, all ILCS students put their time, competencies, listening skills and their know how at the disposal of NGOs. This immersion in  voluntary work allows students to get to know each other better, serve others and be sensitive to the causes of their community. This month of volunteering allows them to develop their leadership, their team spirit and solidarity, their ability to adapt, to value the journey but above all to serve the community. ILCS students do this volunteer work nationally and internationally.

ILCS students Help seniors in a retirement home, teach underprivileged children to read and write, build unique relationships with orphaned children, make sick children smile.

Humanly, the experience is rich!

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