Every semester, journalism students provide all the other students as well as the administration and professors a monthly newspaper of quality, covering all sectors in order to follow the news with enormous pleasure.

“DIALNA”, the monthly magazine of journalism ILCSers who stand out through audacious editorial line and tackling the various topics that make the headlines of national and international newspapers. All seasoned with a dash of humor.

Sport, economy, politics, society, announcements….. Something for everyone!


At ILCS, Each semester, practical cases centered on concrete achievements allow our students to exercise their talent.
One of the examples of professionalizing actions in journalism is www.dialna.net, an informative and journalistic website entirely produced by our ILCSers in Journalism.
ILCS would like to congratulate them for the quality of their work: they have created, produced, drafted, edited and participate in the writing of the dialna.net site as part of their workshops which allowed them to exercise their passion for journalism.
Since Spring 2020, DIALNA magazine has gone online and we invite you to consult it!

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