Digital Marketing

Digital has created new uses, customers are connected, mobility is part of their everyday life, and they have an ever-increasing expectation of immediacy. For this purpose, ILCS offers this program to meet the huge skills needs of companies in the digital economy and to prepare young professionals to capitalize on new practices and to anticipate future technologies and developments.

Objectives of Digital Marketing training

The objective of the training is to enable the student to hold positions of responsibility in the field and to be able to conceive and manage digital campaigns and projects, as well as master the potentialities and challenges of e -business for its business.

The Curriculum of Digital Marketing training

This course provides the conceptual and methodological keys to build its strategy, execute and manage its actions from the web marketing plan. At the end of the BAC + 3 / BAC + 5 course, the student learns to design, manage and evaluate communication campaigns that provide answers for clients and results for the company.

Main Digital Marketing training modules

  • Innovation & digital marketing
  • E-marketing platforms
  • Study of digital platforms / big data
  • Online sales tools
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Strategy e-communication and e-marketing
  • Negotiation techniques and customer relationship management
  • HR Marketing & Management
  • E-marketing service & open data
  • Case study of successful e-marketing platforms
  • Volunteer and Specialization Internship

Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Manager: his goal is to improve the visibility of the brand on the internet. His multiple tasks allow him to generate traffic, improve online sales and animate social networks of the company.
Community Manager: he is responsible for the management of the presence of a brand on social networks and in community spaces. He is considered as the guarantor of the reputation and commitment of the brand on social networks.
Traffic Manager: His mission is to optimize the levers for the traffic attainment in a web site to maximize sales or to recruit new prospects.
Digital brand manager : is in charge of the valorization of the brand or the company. He is responsible for its digital reputation and its e-reputation.

To join ILCS is to benefit from

  • Courses with latest technological methods
  • Theoretical contributions and methodological presentation of approaches
  • Real case studies
  • Speeches and testimonies from executives of companies and professionals
  • Access to a network of digital and communication professionals
  • Seminars, conferences and workshops in group
  • University teachers and professionals in the field, passionate about real life digital transmission and in the business world

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The Masters in Digital Marketing at ILCS is a rewarding bilingual training ! I had the pleasure to learn through a diversified curriculum and widen my knowledge under the supervision of professors who are efficient, encouraging and who listen carefully to their students.


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