ILCS Internships

Once upon a time, in the bustling halls of ILCS, a world of career opportunities awaited eager students. It was no secret that within ILCS lay a treasure trove of invaluable experiences, all waiting to be unlocked through their internship program.

Picture this: students diving headfirst into real-world scenarios, each experience meticulously tailored to their chosen field of study. Guided by seasoned industry experts, they embarked on a journey that promised not just knowledge, but tangible skills that would shape their futures.

Within the program, students found themselves immersed in projects directly aligned with their academic passions and career dreams. From marketing mavens to budding journalists, each individual found their niche under the careful mentorship of professionals who had walked the path before them.

But it wasn’t just about gaining skills; it was about forging connections. The internship program at ILCS was a bustling hub of networking opportunities, where students rubbed shoulders with key players in their industries, building relationships that would prove invaluable in their professional journeys.

Marketing aficionados crafted campaigns, communication connoisseurs honed their storytelling skills, and language lovers found their voices in the world of translation. Whatever the field, ILCS internships offered a gateway to growth, a chance to expand horizons, and a promise of fulfillment.

For those brave enough to seize the opportunity, ILCS internships were more than just a line on a resume; they were a transformative journey toward a future brimming with possibility. And so, with hearts full of ambition and minds hungry for knowledge, students took the first step on their path to a rewarding and fulfilling career, all thanks to ILCS and its boundless internship offerings.

At ILCS, we bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application through professional internships. With a focus on career readiness and market integration, ILCS’s program offers practical experiences in private companies, public administrations, and non-profit organizations.

Students undertake two internships annually: a one-month volunteer internship at the end of each fall semester and a professional internship during summer, lasting from one to three months. These internships facilitate industry exploration, skill development, and gradual responsibility acquisition aligned with students’ chosen specialties.

Each internship is strategically timed between semesters to enable students to balance academic training with practical experience. By immersing themselves in professional environments, ILCS students not only apply theoretical knowledge but also identify and address real-world challenges, enhancing their professional skills and market readiness.

Calendar of internships

  • First year students carry out an internship of observation and initiation within a company for a duration of 1 months in summer.
  • Students of the 2nd to the 3th year carry out a specialty internship within a company for a duration of 2 months, in summer.
  • Master students carry out a specialty internship of a minimum duration of 3 months which must be related to their thesis project.