The professional internships, between discovering the company and putting into practice the education obtained in class
In line with our mission and in order to better discover the professional environment and, above all, to facilitate access to the labor market, the ILCS program is complemented by practical internships in private companies, public administrations and non-profit organizations.
During a student’s educational career, the student carries out 2 internships per year. A volunteer internship of one month at the end of the Fall semester of each year and a professional internship in summer ranging from 1 to 3 months.
These courses allow, in turn, the discovery of the company and links between its various components and the gradual acquisition of responsibilities in connection with the specialty chosen by the student.
The nature of each internship is adapted to the program of the year and is between two semesters to allow the student to alternate training and professional experience.
By placing them in a working environment in companies or public or private institutions, our ILCSiens have an opportunity to acquire the professional skills they are looking for, and to complete their theoretical training with practical experience.
Not only does this allow them to integrate the knowledge acquired in the courses offered at ILCS, but it also gives them the opportunity to identify problems encountered in professional life.

Calendar of internships

  • First year students must carry out an internship of observation and initiation within a company for a duration of 1 months which must be completed in July.
  • The students of the 2nd to the 4th year carry out a specialty internship within a company for a duration of 2 months, in the month of July and August.
  • The students of the 5th year carry out a specialty internship of a minimum duration of 3 months which must be in related to their end of studies project.