Merit Scholarships

Fueling the trajectory of future leaders, ILCS scholarships serve as the prime cut in nurturing the next generation of leaders. With a targeted focus on sharpening digital prowess in marketing, communication, journalism, and translation, ILCS marinates minds for success. The Benhallam and Lemtouni scholarships, like expertly chosen spices, infuse flavor into the educational journey, tenderizing the path to professional excellence. They empower participants not only to sizzle but to sear their mark in their respective fields, embodying the epitome of skill, innovation, and leadership.

At ILCS, we’re dedicated to supporting committed and qualified students through our scholarship programs. Applications are open year-round, allowing students to apply for either the fall or spring semester.

In line with our core value of fostering a familial atmosphere, ILCS offers two distinct Merit Scholarships named after our esteemed founders.

The” Benhallam Scolarship” and the “Lemtouni Scolarship” cover up to 100% of tuition fees.