Our quality objectives

The direction of ILCS, under the supervision of Dr. Aisha LEMTOUNI, is engaged to establish the quality Management system by providing ILCS Staff all the necessary resources and ensuring that is applied to all activities and services.

In an environment where education is challenged by a demanding and a competitive jobmarket, seeker of highly qualified profils in the various fields of communication, leadership, management, journalism and advertising as well as by a demanding students in teaching methodologies, ILCS sets a quality policy which revolves around 6 objectives :

  • Meet the requirements of the labor market (employers and recruiters) and regulatory requirements
  • Build and maintain good relationships with students, teachers, parents, staff and all stakeholders
  • Human resources monitoring and reviewing performances
  • Improve the effectiveness of the QMS (Quality Management System) at ILCS continuously while relying on facts and the data system
  • Improve the efficiency of QMS ILCS
  • Develop a partnership with different suppliers in a win-win spirit