Personal and professional development

The main purpose of these workshops: “immersion in the self”.

They will present our students with the opportunity to reflect on their professional capacity, understand their professional personality, and to identify their careers goals and how to better their paths. These workshops will also allow our students to become aware of their skills, to develop their professional selves, and to discover their talents.
Our main goals include:

  • To know oneself, to know one’s personality and to identify one’s strengths and weakness, as well as introducing yourself professionally.
  • Identify the key points of one’s professional experiences and to be able to discuss achievements.
  • Identify possible and chosen projects for evaluation and implementation through a structured action plan.

By allowing the students to face their own fears and limiting beliefs, students will become aware of the demands of life and learn to generate new behaviors and expand the horizons.

Self development is the best preparation for the job market.