Summer Programs


Program Location and housing Program description Period Number of credits Prices Air fair
University of Minnesota Minneapols, St Paul You attend classes in communication, leadership ,languages, and you do an internship.  Your expenses cover food, lodging, transportation to classes, internship and from and to the  airport. Open None 4130 $ 1 700$
George Washington University

Washington DC, USA

Sur le campus

Select your classes among a list of courses in different departments.  The university provides housing in its campus. Undergraduate students must take 6 credits at least and must have a TOEFL score of 550 at least or   80+ CBT Jul 7-August 23 Not automatic


per credit


Utah State University,



Utah, USA

Sur le campus

The cost of the Global Academy program is all-inclusive, meaning that from the moment you step off the airplane in Salt Lake City, you do not have to spend any of your own money to participate in the program.

Covered costs include:

  • English language instruction
  • Cultural activities
  • Housing
  • Food allowance
  • Special education seminars
  • Excursions


June 4- Jul 5

Jul 3- Aug 4

None Around 3100 $ 1 800$

Maynooth university, Ireland



Maynooth, Ireland

Sur le campus



You arrive in Ireland the day before the academic start date of the programme and are transferred from the airport to the National University of Ireland Maynooth. Once they arrive, they are welcomed and checked into their rooms on-campus. The formal welcome and orientation takes place the following day. Students then start their academic programme with each module/course taking 2 weeks to complete. Each week there is one day set aside for academic reading and project work.

Along with the academic programme there is also a programme of cultural heritage, historical and sightseeing tours arranged for the students during the week. On week­ends there are various optional tours for students to choose from allowing them to travel and explore Ireland. Alternatively students may prefer to take advantage of the many low fares airlines that offer opportunities

Jul 6-August 2 Yes


€2,950.00 payable in full on application.

ESJ Paris Paris Ce programme est réservé aux étudiants de journalisme pour passer un semestre ou deux à ESJ Paris. Les étudiants s’occupent de la recherche de logement à Paris. Durant le semestre

Vous payez votre logement, restauration et



Depends on the selcted housing

300 $
IVHQ All over the world In host families or in AISEC House Open all year Depends on the lenght Starts at 310$ per week
ILCS fees 3000 Dhs