Summer & Winter university

Social responsibility in action.

As part of our mission to educate citizens and arm them with values to become competent and competitive leaders, we launched our Summer and Winter university in the recent years.
These free programs are designed for high school and university students, ages 16 to 26, to help them develop personally and gain the professional skills they need to succeed in their education and career. In addition to its various social actions, such as the week of charity, the volunteer trip, the volunteering courses …., ILCS continues to engage socially by this time graciously available to students, its premises, its staff and faculty to serve the community.
In this sense, several professors volunteer to give the participants, free of charge, multidisciplinary Workshops, in communication, personal development, team work, goal setting, negotiation techniques …, in both French and English.
Serving the community is one of the hallmarks of ILCS’s mission to train competent executives and responsible citizens.

Example of the program:

Sample Testimonial Title

So proud to be finishing my two weeks of Winter University in this great Institute! Made great friends and amazing memories, and learned lots of personal and professional lessons (Communication, Project management, Social media, and many more).
Cheers to ILCS AFRICA!!!! Thank you for being so accomodating!

Warda Belkass