University partners for exchange

Studying in Morocco does not necessarily mean curbing its openness to the world. ILCS is aware of that issue, and therefore, offers unlimited exchange opportunities!
International experience enables our students to discover and overcome the intellectual, cultural, and linguistic differences. In this perspective, ILCS has an international network through developing several prestigious partnerships around the world.

From the US to many European countries, here is where you can go:

  • NHL University of Applied Sciences in Leuwarden, Holland
  • National University of Maynooth, Ireland
  • ESJ Paris, Paris, France
  • Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus
  • Windesheim University, Zwolle,  Holland
  • Inholland Hogeschool, Alkmar/Amsterdam Holland
  • Rotterdam University, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Maynooth University, Irlande
  • UVIC, Université Centrale de Catalogne
  • Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, United States
  • University Mohamed V, Morocco
  • Virginia State University, United States
  • Ashesi university, Ghana

Some testimonials from students who have benefited from our exchange programs …

I had the chance to be part of ERASMUS plus program, thanks to ILCS I was able to study abroad during an exchange program in the Netherlands. ILCS’s collaboration with Windesheim university of applied science located in Zwolle, gave me the opportunity to learn more about journalism, constructive journalism and many other aspects of it during the spring semester of 2019.
I had a personal development sessions where I recognized myself more, working on my weaknesses and also sharpening my personality. I was part of a project group and we worked on creating a whole new platform called “The implemantor” that is going to report some NGOs project groups in Africa, Asia and Europe in order to help change the world. As a student who wants to pursue his career in journalism, I was pretty satisfied with what I learned there, getting to know more about the different perspectives of journalism made me more hopeful of helping my country to develop. At the same time being part of this program gave me the opportunity to have fun as much as I could, literally. I was able to know a lot of friends from different nationalities and I didn’t miss the chance to visit as many European countries as i could.
Thank you again ILCS for giving me this chance and for many other beautiful moments i had, after all ILCS does make a difference in higher education.

Journalism student - Did an exchange semester @ Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Holland

I came to Morocco, because I wanted to live in another country for a while. Just to live in another culture. I went to ILCS for one semester and I had a great time. The school is small, so you’re not a number. All the staff know who you are. They’re also very friendly and willing to help you with whatever you need help with. The lessons were interesting and the teachers were qualified, they really know what they’re talking about. I’m not exaggerating, I just really enjoyed ILCS. It was a nice break from my huge college back home. Small, personal but also professional. Great place.

Judith HOF
Exchange student at ILCS from the partner university Windesheim in the Netherlands

Visiting professors…

Beyond exchange programs and double degrees, the ILCS family gets committed with each of its partners to exchange professors and knowledge.

For the American students I brought with me, working with their Moroccan peers at ILCS was nothing short of transformative. Even years after the event, they still bring it up in the annual call or email that I have with them. ILCS was a great place for them to practice sharing their knowledge as students of oratory and debate, but also learning things about their art they had never considered. The intercultural exchange was made easy by the ILCS students who were very eager and very generous with sharing their culture, no matter where they were from.
ILCS is a great international experience, as the school attracts students from a number of countries in addition to Morocco. This makes studying and teaching there unique. Teaching debating was exceptionally enjoyable as the perspective shared by the students in debate gave us a lot to consider and discuss. One of the most difficult things to teach in a debate course is how our culture shapes our perspective on issues. At ILCS this is always available, as the students freely share their ideas and we can discuss the cultural connections that inform those judgements. Students can discuss the positions and how one country’s point of view wouldn’t’ necessarily be universally shared. This is invaluable for my teaching.
I always look forward to an opportunity to travel to Rabat and to teach at ILCS. The students and the environment of a city like Rabat make the experience like no other. As someone who has taught all over the United States as well as in Europe, I have to say that there is nothing quite like the rewards you get from teaching such a fantastic group of students like ILCS provides.

Stephen LLANO
Professor of St Johns University of the USA