University Partners with Dual Degree

ILCS offers dual degrees with several international universities to benefit from a multicultural training and an accredited degree delivered by the Ministry of Higher Education and recognized internationally too.

ESJ Paris

Is the school of journalism the most ancient in the world, founded in 1890. It has known for its speakers and famous professors, including the founder of Sociology Emile Durkheim and the Economist Charles Gide.


European University

Is a great business school which existed since 1973 and offers an exceptional education that leads to develop the professional skills needed to succeed in today’s business world. It exists in Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Great Britain.

UVIC Central University of Catalonia

Is located in Barcelona in Spain and offers a wide range of studies in audiovisual communication, journalism, business marketing, advertising and public relations.

University of Southern Queensland

Is one of main Australian providers of online education in Australia. With more than 75% of students studying remotely or online. It offers a great training in communication, public relations and journalism.