Volunteering Internships

During studies at ILCS, one month of volunteer work per year is required for the benefit of an association. It is carried out when courses have ended, from January to February. This internship will allow you to develop your Leadership, your team spirit and solidarity, your ability to adapt but especially enhance your career (CV).
We give our students the choice to carry out their internships within Morocco, or abroad. This unique experience will bring out students joy, maturity, and experience.
Volunteering is a good way to:

  • Express your interest in a cause;
  • Be part of those who work to improve things;
  • Assist others and participate in the well-being of the community;
  • Make a difference;
  • Take part in a positive change in your community.

It will also allow you to:

  • Strengthen your self-esteem; and meet new people;
  • Expand your horizons;
  • To share with others your skills and talents;
  • To nurture a need for belonging: to feel that you are part of a group and that you can work with others on a common project;
  • To reinforce and / or master a new language (in the case of volunteering abroad);
  • Learn to know better your tastes, needs, interests and values;
  • To make you aware of your civic responsibilities (social conscience);
  • Improve your social skills and communication skills.

Helping seniors in a retirement home, teaching disadvantaged children to read and write, forming unique relationships with orphaned children, giving a smile to sick children … These experiences will surely bring light and happiness to you life.