Universités Partenaires Pour Echange


Ashesi University au Ghana

Université Mohamed V à Rabat

Etats Unis

Virginia State University dans l’Etat de Virginie

Lock Haven University  en Pennsylvanie


University of Southern Queensland @ Toowoomba, Queensland


Maynooth University en Irlande

ESJ, Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Paris, en France

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences à Zwolle en Hollande

UVIC, Université Centrale de Catalogne en Espagne

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences au Pays Bas

Inholland University of Applied Sciences au Pays Bas

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences à Rotterdam au Pays Bas

Eastern Mediterranean University à Chypre

Quelques témoignages des étudiants ayant bénéficiés de nos programmes d’échanges …

  • Les cours se passent très bien et la ville de Zwolle est accueillante. On a fait plusieurs activités et la plus importante était la présentation des pays et des universités. J’ai représenté le Maroc et ILCS. Le bût était de convaincre les étudiants dutch de venir faire un échange à l’ILCS. On travail aussi sur un projet de marketing pour la compagnie ReGen Villages. On doit faire une analyse du marché Suédois et ensuite donner des recommandations à la compagnie pour instaurer ses villages écologiques en Suède. La présentation pour ce projet se passera ce vendredi.
    Merci énormément de m’avoir accordé l’opportunité de faire cet échange et la famille ILCS me manque déjà beaucoup. Passez le bonjour à tous mes professeurs et aux membres de la direction. À très bientôt.

    Meryem TANJI
    Etudiante en Communication & Marketing – A effectué une année d’échange @ Windesheim University of Applied Sciences en Hollande
  • I had the chance to be part of ERASMUS plus program, thanks to ILCS I was able to study abroad during an exchange program in the Netherlands. ILCS’s collaboration with Windesheim university of applied science located in Zwolle, gave me the opportunity to learn more about journalism, constructive journalism and many other aspects of it during the spring semester of 2019.
    I had a personal development sessions where I recognized myself more, working on my weaknesses and also sharpening my personality. I was part of a project group and we worked on creating a whole new platform called « The implemantor » that is going to report some NGOs project groups in Africa, Asia and Europe in order to help change the world. As a student who wants to pursue his career in journalism, I was pretty satisfied with what I learned there, getting to know more about the different perspectives of journalism made me more hopeful of helping my country to develop. At the same time being part of this program gave me the opportunity to have fun as much as I could, literally. I was able to know a lot of friends from different nationalities and I didn’t miss the chance to visit as many European countries as i could.
    Thank you again ILCS for giving me this chance and for many other beautiful moments i had, after all ILCS does make a difference in higher education.

    Mouad RAIBATI
    Etudiant en Journalisme – A effectué un semestre d’échange @ Windesheim University of Applied Sciences en Hollande
  • J’ai été l’heureuse chanceuse d’être l’ambassadrice d’ILCS auprès de son université partenaire Lock HavenUniversity, lors de mon semestre d’échange en Pennsylvanie aux Etats Unis, où j’ai pris des cours de Communication de Janvier à Mai 2017.
    J’ai choisi d’aller à LHU aux Etats Unis à cause de son environnement purement anglophone et du fait que ce soit une destination de rêve qui ouvre des portes à mille et une opportunités. Lock Haven est une très belle petite ville, calme et surtout moins chère par rapport à plusieurs villes aux Etats Unis, qui offre un cadre parfait pour les études. LHU offre plusieurs activités sur le campus et hors campus, surtout à travers les clubs auxquels il faut absolument s’inscrire en tant qu’étudiant international pour vivre « The american experience at itsfullest ». Ces programmes et activités m’ont d’ailleurs permis de visiter plusieurs destinations phares aux Etats Unis. Etudier à l’étranger surtout aux Etats Unis m’a permis au niveau personnel de sortir de ma zone de confort, d’augmenter la confiance en soi à travers la communication avec ceux qui nous entoure, ce qui conduit à aller au-delà de la barrière linguistique qui est l’anglais. De plus, cette expérience nous responsabilise et nous rend beaucoup plus mature tout en étant loin de chez soi et de ses habitudes, pour le bon déroulement du programme. Etudier à l’étranger développe notre capacité d’acceptation et d’adaptation à différentes cultures. Sur le plan professionnel, cette expérience m’a permis d’acquérir des connaissances beaucoup plus pratiques et enrichissantes dans le domaine de la Communication, de rehausser mon niveau dans la langue anglaise ce qui est un très grand plus dans mon CV. Pour les étudiants qui hésitent encore à prendre la décision d’aller étudier à l’étranger, dans l’une des universités partenaires d’ILCS, force est de savoir que vous n’avez rien à perdre, foncez et aller voir ce qui se passe ailleurs et saisissez cette opportunité qu’offre ILCS d’étudier à l’international car rien ne peut substituer à cette expérience. » Pour terminer, je tiens très sincèrement à remercier ILCS pour ce partenariat, de m’avoir accompagné dans toutes les démarches et pour leur soutien incessant qui fut d’une très grande aide durant cette expérience inoubliable

    Elisabeth LOUA
    Etudiante en Traduction & Interprétation – A effectué un semestre d’échange @ Lock Haven University aux USA
  • Coming to Netherlands for studies was by far one of the most challenging and appealing experience I had in my whole life. Moving to another continent, another country and another city in which I will stay for a whole semester.
    My 6 months here were joyful, exploring a new culture and mapping between new concepts and ideas. Concerning my studies( Going constructive), it was smooth at the beginning of the semester. I arrived at Zwolle at 30 January, one month before the pandemic happened, the first people I met were the international office staff and Miss Roelijn who offered assistance and took great care of me in my first day and also after in various ways. After my first day at university checking I went to my dorm rooms flat to see where I will stay for the next 6 months. The room was spacious enough and both efficient and convenient for a student. The courses I took at Windeshiem university were really insightful and felt like first hand information due the competence of a very experienced journalists. We were a class of 6 students in which I was the only African, two French girls, a guy from Romania and a girl from Finland. We created a news letter in which we contributed differently.
    MY experience was troubled by the pandemic from which consequences were closing the doors of the university I came to study in. It was mid March when everything flipped down the curve, life started shutting down, people being suspicious about anyone who dare to sneeze or cough, the friends I had from university who shared the flat with me left home because of the virus, and even my roommate. In the middle of adjusting the fact that the Moroccan border is closed for me to go back and buying a lot of hand sanitizers and masks and seeing my circle shrinking to zero, I still had to adapt with the online studies and continues the purpose I came here for. However, and to make things even worst, my laptop broke down leaving me with the necessity of buying a new one, a laptop whereby I had no access to elo or my account at teams.
    I felt frustrated needless to say depressed because everything was moving slowly if not backwards, yet i continued contributing relatively to the news letter and also to DIALNA for the ILCS school.
    The obstacles that I have encountered made me lose my motivations relatively However it did not prevent me from learning what do constructive journalism means how to produce it what are its pillars and how can you be a solution journalist. Being here also gave me the idea to combine what I have learned at Windishiem University And use it for an interesting interview with the mayor of Arnhem In which I shed light on his life Story as a Moroccan immigrant to the Netherlands And the things he was able to achieve due to his hard work and his dedication.
    My experience at Windisheim University was very positive YouTube the support system from the international office and also from the teachers yet we can all acknowledge in a fairway that the pandemic with a game changer for both the teachers and students unfortunately I couldn’t Cope with the online studies as much as I did for my general life and the virus. Nonetheless I have also to acknowledge that I would not take back my experience for anything because it was a character building experience I made a Good network through it, I learned few Dutch phrases to communicate and many aspects of the Dutch culture Which will enables me Joe look openly at various other cultures it gave me the chance to apply my communication skills and my cultural understanding.

    Mouad MEKROUM
    Etudiant en Journalisme – A effectué un semestre d’échange @ Windesheim University of Applied Sciences en Hollande
  • I came to Morocco, because I wanted to live in another country for a while. Just to live in another culture. I went to ILCS for one semester and I had a great time. The school is small, so you’re not a number. All the staff know who you are. They’re also very friendly and willing to help you with whatever you need help with. The lessons were interesting and the teachers were qualified, they really know what they’re talking about. I’m not exaggerating, I just really enjoyed ILCS. It was a nice break from my huge college back home. Small, personal but also professional. Great place.

    Judith HOF
    Etudiante en échange à ILCS venant de l’université partenaire Windesheim au Pays Bas

Témoignages de professeurs nationaux & internationaux ayant intervenu à ILCS et/ou à l’étranger dans le cadre de nos programmes d’échanges …

Au delà des programmes d’échanges et de doubles diplomations, la famille ILCS s’engage avec chacun de ses partenaires à l’échange de professeurs et de connaissances.

  • For the American students I brought with me, working with their Moroccan peers at ILCS was nothing short of transformative. Even years after the event, they still bring it up in the annual call or email that I have with them. ILCS was a great place for them to practice sharing their knowledge as students of oratory and debate, but also learning things about their art they had never considered. The intercultural exchange was made easy by the ILCS students who were very eager and very generous with sharing their culture, no matter where they were from.
    ILCS is a great international experience, as the school attracts students from a number of countries in addition to Morocco. This makes studying and teaching there unique. Teaching debating was exceptionally enjoyable as the perspective shared by the students in debate gave us a lot to consider and discuss. One of the most difficult things to teach in a debate course is how our culture shapes our perspective on issues. At ILCS this is always available, as the students freely share their ideas and we can discuss the cultural connections that inform those judgements. Students can discuss the positions and how one country’s point of view wouldn’t’ necessarily be universally shared. This is invaluable for my teaching.
    I always look forward to an opportunity to travel to Rabat and to teach at ILCS. The students and the environment of a city like Rabat make the experience like no other. As someone who has taught all over the United States as well as in Europe, I have to say that there is nothing quite like the rewards you get from teaching such a fantastic group of students like ILCS provides.

    Stephen LLANO
    Professor of St Johns University of the USA
  • I am writing to report my teaching tour in the Netherlands during the academic year of 2019. After discussing the opportunity for a teaching visit at Windesheim with Mme Lemtouni and the team of Wendsheim, I received an invitation for a teaching visit at Windesheim in the week of 4-8 February of 2019.
    I have participated in the annual ‘international branding project’. The project included about 100 – 2nd year Marketing students from 4 different universities (Netherlands, Czech Republic and Finland) who had their kick-off day during the week of 4-8 February, 2019. The project the students worked on, was the positioning and branding of a local beer label wanting to expand to the Scandinavian Market.
    Moreover, I have managed to teach and coach the student project teams on the theme of ‘luxury marketing’, in addition to my involvement in this project, I was involved in teaching students in the departments of Business Administration/Small Business & Retail/Marketing and/or International Business on the theme of Luxury Marketing.
    The experience was remarkable and objective as I received great feedback from the students and the professors.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

    Abderrahmane JASSIM
    Professor @ ILCS
  • The last visit to Windesheim University was extremely beneficial to us ILCS faculty in numerous ways where we were able to share our know-how and experience in teaching leadership and intercultural modules with a very rich and diverse student body.

    I have benefited personally by being exposed to a northern European country, which I have learned a great deal about its history, culture and business practices.

    As far as my lessoned learned teaching during a week at Windesheim University, it has allowed me to discover a different classroom culture where the Dutch and European students portrayed different behaviors and were receptive in different ways than their Moroccan counterparts. The students at Windesheim University were not too open in the beginning and it took much more time and energy to engage them in the workshops, however, they immediately got so serious about it once I managed to use different approaches and got them into scenarios and educational games. By the end of the week, the students and faculty at Windesheim University were fascinated by the approach used and the amount of knowledge and experience shared with them. In fact, most of them got so much interested in ILCS and Morocco and started to inquire about visiting Morocco and doing a semester at ILCS.

    Mohammed Jalal MOUTI
    Professor @ ILCS