ILCS mission

“Pave the way for students to thrive in the digital era while upholding core values that contribute to both personal and societal well being”

  1. the way for students to thrive in the digital era: This part of the mission acknowledges the significant role of technology and digitalization in today’s world. It implies that ILCS  equipes students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to navigate and excel in an increasingly digitalized environment. This could include proficiency in technology tools, critical thinking in digital contexts, adaptability to rapid technological changes, and an understanding of digital ethics and safety.
  2. Upholding core values: While preparing students for the digital era is crucial, ILCS recognizes the importance of not compromising on foundational values. These values could encompass principles such as integrity, empathy, respect, responsibility, and fairness. By prioritizing these values, ILCS aims to nurture well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically or professionally but also demonstrate ethical behavior and contribute positively to their communities.
  3. Contributing to both personal and societal well-being: ILCS acknowledges the interconnectedness between personal fulfillment and societal welfare. By promoting values that prioritize the greater good, ILCS seeks to cultivate students who not only succeed individually but also actively contribute to creating a better society. This could involve fostering a sense of social responsibility, promoting inclusivity and diversity, encouraging civic engagement, and instilling a mindset of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The mission of ILCS is to provide the market and the community with competent citizens. It aims to meet that goal by providing its students some of the know-how,  life skills and some learning skills in order to be operational in the fields of:

  • Digital Marketing & Communication OR
  • E Journalism OR
  • IT Translation and Interprting OR
  • Data Science & Leadership

ILCS is constantly following the changes happening in the job market in order to stay updated and adjust its programs to the new professional requirements.