Master degree – Sport and health journalism

Sport and health,

the winning formula!

Aware of the importance of sports in health and of this for athletes, the higher education of the Master in Sport and Health Journalism prepares our graduates for field missions as well as for research work relating to sports and health.

This training is designed to prepare future journalists to report effectively and accurately on topics related to sport and health, reporting content that is engaging for the public.

Objectives of the Master degree of sports and health journalism

We provide a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of sport and health, develop ethical reporting skills in this field and improve interview skills and access to sources, in order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the communication of information to the public.

The curriculum of Master Degree in sports and health Journalism

This training (bac+5) will equip future journalists with the skills and knowledge that consist of emphasizing concepts related to sport and health and will provide them with the ethical foundations to excel in sports and health journalism.

Structure of the master degree sports and health journalism

  • The first semester: common core.
  • The second semester: introduction to sports.
  • The third semester: introduction to health and sport.
  • The fourth semester: Graduation project & internships.
  • Sports and Health Journalism jobs

    Reporter / sports/health editor
    Editor in chief
    Sports columnist / columnist
    Digital sports journalist
    Sports researcher